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DynoTag – Internet-Enabled QR Smart Luggage Tag (set of 2)


The ideal smart tag for Wine Checks, and your other luggage!

Two IDENTICAL tags of one dynotag enables you to enter information once for two pieces of property. This way, you update the dynotag information and both tags share the same information, no redundant update is needed.

WHAT IS A DYNOTAG? A dynotag is an Web-enabled, GPS assisted QR(Quick Response) Smart Tag that can be read using a smartphone or a computer. NO batteries or moving parts. Easy to use, the dynotag instantly displays any information you, its owner, wants to share such as your contact information, medical information, documents, photos, recordings. There are virtually NO size limits to the information included on the dynotag, and you can easily update your information at ANY time. Dynotag accounts are free: create your own dynotags – as many as you want, keep them forever or delete when you want. Let dynotag have your contact and relevant information accessible so your property can return to you. Your information is kept in your private storage and can optionally be secured with a password for authorized access only. 

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Dimensions 3 × 2 × 2 in


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