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Announce coming events


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Announce coming events

Announce coming events

Announce coming events


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Don't Ship It...Check It!


Over 250,000 Wine Checks Flying Worldwide

Whether you’re purchasing wine on vacation or want to take some on a trip, The Wine Check™ makes traveling with wine safe, convenient and economical. For a mere $85 ($72 if you already have a professional wine shipper box of your own) you have trusted luggage to encase your liquid assets when you fly with wine. And traveling with the collapsible, reusable Wine Check is the greenest way to transport wine, for about the cost of shipping one case!



Your wine is protected by our patented luggage design that encloses a wine shipper box* inside the secure padded Wine Check case. Its ultra-lightweight design keeps a case of wine under 50lb and the attached wheels and pull strap make it easy to roll beside you, or tether to another rolling bag. And the side handles make it easy to get off the airport carousel with our wine luggage! *weight of Wine Check bag alone - shipper weights vary from 2-4lb



With The Wine Check, your wine travels with the ONLY ISTA-certified method of wine luggage on the planet.  Extensive ISTA certification far outpaces that of FAA requirements, as it is used in domestic and international shipping.  

Our Australia Distributor (FABAL Group) created this drop test video to showcase how safe your wine will be when you fly with your Wine Check!