Which to Choose?


Which Wine Check is best for me?

Do You Need To Fly With 12 Bottles Checked On A Plane?

Choose the original Wine Check which holds a 12-bottle shipper box (or two Elites which hold 6-bottle shipper boxes, and you can stack them atop one another while rolling through the airport!)

Do You Need A Telescoping Handle For Greatest Ease Of Transportation?

Choose the Elite Wine Check

Do You Want To Fly With 6 Bottles, But Sometimes Drive/Carry Around 12 (But Not Fly With 12 Bottles)?

Choose the Elite Wine Check

Do You Need To Fold Your Wine Check When Not In Use?

Choose either!

Do You Wish To Stack Two On Top Of Each Other?

Choose the Elite Wine Check, as they are designed to be stackable!

Do You Wish To Buy A Reusable Piece Of Wine Luggage That Costs Roughly What ONE Nice Bottle Of Napa Cabernet Does?

Choose the original Wine Check

Which Shipper Box material should I choose?

Wine shipper boxes and inserts should be ISTA rated (tested and approved for shipping). Please check with your airline to see if they have specific requirements as policies can change and use this handy video if you need help staging your Wine Check with a wine shipper box. 

Stand-up Pulp or Styrofoam Inserts - Which to Choose?

The Wine Check is now even more aligned with the industries' pursuit in becoming more sustainable and getting wine safely and economically to customers, ensuring it's not damaged by weather and/or shipping.  With this new opportunity, our new preferred 12-bottle wine shipper is an upright pulp shipper.  They are STRONG and fully biodegradable!