About The Wine Check


Since 2010

The Wine Check is the result of a collaboration between former Napa and Sonoma county tour guide Shawnda Hansen and wine enthusiast and entrepreneur Todd French. As a tour guide, Shawnda saw the frustration her guests experienced trying to get their wine home. Shipping is restricted in many states, seasonally weather-dependent, and often very expensive.   

The Wine Check was designed to provide a safe, economical, and sensible solution to bringing your wine with you.  The Wine Check features two carry handles and wheels with a removable pull strap, making the transportation of your wine from winery to car and back, as well as throughout the airport, a breeze.



By using the gold-standard for wine transport and creating a collapsible, reusable, lightweight and inexpensive way to transport them, Hansen and French revolutionized the way wine enthusiasts travel with wine.

The Wine Check, a patented, insulated Cordura nylon zippered bag, fits over a wine shipper box and folds when not in use. The Wine Check’s lightweight design allows the user to check a full case (12 bottles) of nearly any wine at the airport and remain under the 50lb weight limit imposed by the FAA (it is currently the ONLY wine luggage that is light enough to remain under the imposed weight limit!). The wine is protected by a shipping insert, a shipping box, and foam insulation, providing three layers of protection from damage and climate changes.



The Wine Check is continuing to improve its core product and develop new products that incorporate our patented design.  In addition to our standard Wine Check for flying with 12 bottles, The Wine Check Elite is available for flying with 6 bottles and includes a telescoping handle (shown on right).  With only 6 bottles, the luggage can have a telescoping handle and supporting board and remain under the 50lb weight limit.