Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many bottles does it hold?

A: The Wine Check holds up to 12 standard (750ml) bottles of wine in almost any widely available professional wine shipper box), or 4 magnum bottles (1.5l) in their shippers with plenty of room on top for additional clothing or other travel gear.

Q: Why does it have a pull strap rather than a telescoping handle?

A: The Wine Check is designed to be both highly functional and portable.  Adding a telescoping handle adds weight - likely putting your full case of wine over the weight limit - and requires additional (valuable) storage space for the containment of the handle when collapsed.  It would also preclude one from being able to fold and easily pack the unit in a suitcase for travel.  

Q: Where do I put the pull strap when checking The Wine Check?

A: We suggest you use the pocket on the top of the unit to store the pull strap, so it does not get lost in transit.

Q: How do I transport it when I have no wine in it?

A: The Wine Check is fold-able, so it is easily packed inside a standard large suitcase.  When you arrive at your destination in wine country, you can unfold it, insert a shipper box, and fill it with grape goodness!

Q: Why don't I just ship my wine?

A: For nearly 6 months of the year, wine cannot be sent via ground shipping without heat damage.  From May - September, many wineries will not ship any wine to most parts of the country.  Shipper distribution centers are often positioned in very warm climates, such as Arizona and Atlanta, and the risk to ship your wines during this time is too great.  For about the cost of shipping ONE case of wine home, you can purchase The Wine Check, check your wine safely, have it arrive safely when you do, and use it again, and again, and again!

Q: Will my wine shipper box fit in The Wine Check?

A: The Wine Check now fits nearly ALL wine shipper boxes and inserts (we've yet to find one that doesn't fit it!).  We currently use shippers up to 18.5 x 14 x 16" for the 12-bottle shipper, and 14" x 10" x 15.25" for the 6-bottle shipper box

​Q: What size is a Wine Check when folded?

A: Collapsed, folded, a Wine Check is approximately 21" X 15" X 7" (at wheels - 3" at other end)

Q: Should I tape the shipper box when I check my Wine Check?

A: If you tape your box, it is likely that TSA will open it to inspect the contents, and not tape it closed once again.  While it cannot hurt to tape your box, the zippered top flap of The Wine Check performs the same function, keeping the box closed, and your wine safe inside the shipper box.

Q: Does it work for beer?

A: YES!  Hundreds of Wine Check owners have flown multiple times with beer bottles, particularly 750ml craft bottles - the cage at the top is typically no problem just as it is not for sparkling wines.

Q: My Styrofoam is broken/thrown out - where can I buy a replacement?

A: The best places to look are offsite wine storage facilities, since they receive so many 12-pack shipper boxes for their clients, they WANT you to take them.  Be sure to call ahead first.  Also, check with local chain liquor and wine stores like Total Wine, as most stores will sell 12-pack shipper boxes in the back of the store.  Also, larger wine shops often have 12-pack shipper boxes that they are happy to either give you (if they receive shipments in them and have to dispose of the boxes due to space) or sell one if they have new boxes they use to ship their own inventory.  Check with the retailers who carry The Wine Check, or order on our website as well.

Q: Does the shipping box insert fit the larger sparkling wine and Champagne bottles?

A: It depends on which shipper box you choose, and the shape of your bottles, whether 'standard' Champagne style bottles or larger-bottomed shape.  Check with us on our shippers, or check with the shippers you use normally, which probably fit in The Wine Check

Q: Will someone steal the contents, because of the logo?

A: There is no greater chance of theft in a protective bag labeled 'The Wine Check' than in a wine shipper.  TSA-approved locks can be purchased and used on the zippers for additional security as well.

Q: What if I only have a few bottles of wine to bring home?

A: The slots in a standard wine shipper box can also be used to carry other travel needs (rolled up clothing, toiletries, etc.), or something that makes a significant difference in the enjoyment of your wines - glasses!

Q: How many bottles of wine can I check on the airplane?

A: If the wine is under 24% alcohol (very likely!) there are no restrictions on quantity you can check as luggage, and each Wine Check fits 12 bottles

Q: Is The Wine Check waterproof?

A: The Wine Check is water-resistant, as we use Cordura nylon as the primary material on the external walls of the bag.  We have found that a treatment of Scotchguard or similar waterproofing application provides a superior level of water and stain resistance, and has no ill effects to the material used on the bag's exterior.

Q: Do you insure or guarantee the wine will arrive safely and intact?

A: The Wine Check makes no guarantee about the condition of the wine upon its arrival and is not responsible for damaged or lost wine, as it is exposed to too many external forces and handling.  It is designed to help further protect your wine in an ISTA-approved wine shipper box, and make it far easier for you and the baggage handlers to lift and transport your wine.

Q: What if TSA cuts off my zipper handles?

A: Unfortunately, the TSA reserves the right to cut off not only your locks (even TSA locks), but zippers and zipper handles to access the contents of a bag.  We have no control nor responsibility for the TSA's actions, nor can we guarantee against such actions.  

"TSA-accepted Locks

A TSA-accepted luggage lock allows baggage screeners and security agents to open your suitcase for inspection using a universal master key. A number of manufacturers produce TSA-accepted locks, and they're sold under different brand names. The TSA requires the packaging to clearly state that the lock is accepted and recognized by the agency and may be opened by a TSA master key. When shopping for a TSA-accepted lock, look for the Travel Sentry or Safe Skies logo on the packaging. The Travel Sentry logo is a red diamond, and the Safe Skies mark is a red torch.

Using a Different Lock

Federal regulations do not require air travelers to use TSA-accepted luggage locks or remove other types of locks, however passengers using non-TSA-accepted locks do so at their own risk. Should a bag require additional screening, TSA officers have the right to remove the lock to access the contents. Locks that do not open with TSA master keys may be cut from the bag, which may damage the suitcase in addition to destroying the lock. In lieu of a TSA-accepted lock, use plastic cables or zip ties; these can be removed easily by TSA and are inexpensive to replace."

Q: Do you have a warranty on The Wine Check?

A: Yes, The Wine Check is covered from damage due to faulty workmanship and materials for a period of 10 years from purchase.  Damage due to mishandling or improper use is not covered by this warranty.

Q: Can I return my Wine Check if I am dissatisfied?

A: Yes, of course!  We hope you don't have to, but if you do need to return it, please send it to our address (19800 8th St East Unit 4A, Sonoma CA 95476) and we'll refund your purchase price of the product (no shipping fees, which are not refundable)